Studio Montagu are a vibrant London based design and construction team carrying out a wide range of building and landscape projects.

With an obsession for detail, a passion for design and our skilled team of craftsmen, we offer a broad range of service from initial concept through to completion.


Be it the very first meeting with a new client, to walking the streets of London or sweeping up at the end of a project, for us designing never stops. How can it? We’re constantly absorbing, learning and creating, whether we’re behind a drawing board or pouring concrete on site.

Collaboration is key. Working as a project team with Clients, Architects, Designers, Artists, Engineers, Contractors and more is at the very heart of our philosophy. We understand that no one part can function on its own and it is good relationships and communication as a team that will ultimately deliver a fantastic project.


We carry out both building and landscape construction projects.

Our building works can be as small as a single bathroom or the full renovation and extension of a Victorian terrace house. Our landscape works range from a contemporary London roof terrace to rolling country estates.

By its very nature construction can at times be a stressful process for people. With a very real understanding of this and the support of our team, we always look to make the process as engaging and indeed as enjoyable as possible!

Whilst some projects have been designed by the Studio Montagu team, a large portion of our construction works are built for other designers, architects and landscape architects.

We love and welcome working with new clients, designers and contractors. The opportunity to work with new people, with new ideas & skills, in the end can only make us better.


We provide ongoing and one-off building and landscape maintenance services for both new and existing projects.

We’re incredibly proud of our work and there is nothing that makes us happier than a delighted client at the end of a project.

We love what we do. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to do it.